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Friday, Dec 20 at 3:00 PM

Pleasant Grove vs Wimberley

Game Details – Cowboys Stadium

2019 Football Conference 4A D2
Location Various Cities, TX

The Pleasant Grove varsity football team has a neutral playoff game vs. Wimberley (TX) today @ 3p.

Watch Live Broadcast
Pleasant Grove vs Wimberley
Live on NFHS Network!

Pleasant Grove as they take on Wimberley in the 2019 Football State Championships – 2019 Football Conference 4A D2 tournament.

How to Live Stream Pleasant Grove vs Wimberley High School Football.NFHS Officially Broadcasting In This Game.If You Suscripcion NFHS Network Then You Can Access To Watch This Game In Your Home.
High School Football is Gridiron Football Played by High School Teams in the United States and Canada. It Ranks Among the Most Popular Interscholastic Sports in Both Countries.
High School Football Began in the Late 19th Century, Concurrent With the Start of Many College Football Programs. In the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, Many College and High School Teams Played Against one Another. Today, the Oldest High School Football Rivalry Dates Back to 1875 in Connecticut, Between the Norwich Free Academy Wildcats and the New London High School Whalers.
High School Football Traditions Such as Pep Rallies, Marching Bands, Mascots, and Homecomings are Mirrored From College Football. No True Minor League Farm Organizations Exist in American Football. Therefore, High School Football is Generally Considered to be the Third Tier of American Football in the United States, Behind Professional and College Competition. It is the First Level of Play in Which a Player Will Accumulate Statistics, Which Will Determine His Chances of Competing at the College Level, and Ultimately the Professional Level if he is Talented Enough.
In the 2000s and Beyond, There Has Been Growing Concern about Safety and Long-term Brain Health, Both Regarding the Occasional Concussion as well as the Steady Diet of Lesser Hits to the Head
The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Establishes the Rules of High School Football in the United States.
As of the Next High School Season of 2019, Texas is the Only State that Does not Base its Football Rules on the NFHS Rule Set, Instead Using NCAA Rules with Certain Exceptions Shown Below.Through the 2018 season, Massachusetts also Based its Rules on those of the NCAA,but it Adopted NFHS Rules Since 2019 With their Common Ancestry, The NFHS Rules of High School Football are Largely Similar to the College game, Though with some Important Differences.
Training for the upcoming season usually starts with weightlifting and other conditioning activities, such as specialized speed and agility training. In some states, this begins a few weeks after the end of the previous season, and in others as late as August. Some states allow seven on seven scrimmages, while others prohibit formal practices during most of the summer.
Near the end of the summer in mid-August, double sessions tend to begin and usually last for one week or until school starts. After double sessions end, regular season practices begin with daily sessions each week day afternoon except on game day. Practices are often held on Saturday as well, but almost never on Sunday.
The regular season typically consists of ten games in most states; Kansas is one of the few states which limits teams to nine. Teams in Minnesota usually play eight,[8] while teams in New York typically schedule only seven. The first game of the season is usually in early September, or late August, and the final regular season game is usually in mid to late October, with the end of the season varying by state and climate.
Teams may have one or more bye weeks during the regular season. Larger schools (especially those with successful programs) can often draw attendances in the thousands, even for regular season games, and in some cases may play the game at a college or professional stadium to accommodate the expected large crowds.
The vast majority of high school football games are scheduled on Friday nights, with Thursday evenings and Saturdays being less heavily used. Alternate days are most common in larger school districts where the facilities are used by multiple schools, or where the playing field is not illuminated for nighttime use due to financial limitations, local regulations, or neighborhood opposition against night games.

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